Why Buganda Independence Now?

By in The sovereignty of Buganda
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For 219 years (1800-2019), Buganda Kingdom welcomed dregs of the society into its territories. These dregs of societies found us with dedicated, open source of knowledge, wisdom, dynamic and associative governing models. They envied us and silently set an invisible agenda of exterminating Baganda. They picked up weapons and since then, Baganda have only known agony, sorrow and unknown future.

The primitive intruders, supported by United Kingdom and other foreign powers plotted to dehumanize us, they strategized to make us poorer and force us into destitution. They made us landless. Now, they are busy selling our daughters and sons into slavery on open markets in Middle East. This is not a secret anymore. And they have almost succeeded in this plot only that, before they finished us, our instincts awoke us, and we can clearly see their invisible yet well planned anti-Baganda agenda. Therefore, a need to defend our survival arose within us and it is for this reason that we must answer the call of duty or else we face extermination. We cannot afford to fold our arms, when injustices, oppression, poverty, hopelessness, land evictions, brutality, tyranny, redundancy economy and many more encircles us and hold us into submission and brutal bondage

While some Baganda advocate for a federation system of governance, we honestly believe it’s not viable because, the whole British Project Uganda was built on deception and has only one mandate—that’s the destruction of Baganda, exterminate them and take their land. Nothing else other than that.

All British project Uganda’s effort and resources are put to that one agenda, direct or indirectly. Those agitating for federation lacks the ability to read in-between the lines. They have no capacity to thoughtly analyze the patterns. We must help them understand this invisible agenda. We must help them know what’s the real meaning of the East African community and what does it mean for Baganda. But before we do that, we encourage them to ask themselves, why Luganda is almost prohibited to be taught in Buganda yet Chinese and Swahili have got an extreme green light and resources to be taught in Buganda Kingdom.

Since 1962, dregs of society real don’t want a federation because, they have nothing to bring on table, what do they have? They have been stealing from us since time immemoriable Not only that, they have killed us in millions, do I have to remind you the 1966 crisis? (http://www.buganda.com/crisis66.htm) ,

1980 war in Buganda (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoweri_Museveni#1981%E2%80%931986:_The_war_in_the_bush)

2009 Radio CBS closure (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CBS_FM_Buganda)

2009 Kayunga Riots (https://www.hrw.org/news/2014/09/10/uganda-5-years-no-justice-protest-killings)

The Kasubi Tombs Inferno of 2010. (https://af.reuters.com/article/africaTech/idAFKCN1PA27J-OZATP)

The 2008 Kings College Buddo  Tragedy and many school fires across Buganda (https://www.independent.co.ug/budo-tragedy-start-school-fires/)

The unending child abuse and sacrifice in Buganda, influenced by invaders and their power machinery, which most of the times camouflage themselves as Baganda to dehumanize Baganda. This is a well-planned arrangement. ( https://www.calebwilde.com/2018/08/10-things-you-need-to-know-about-child-sacrifice-in-uganda).

Finally, how can we fail to mention British project Uganda’s owned media house– the New Vision media outlets using their Bukedde Newspaper, Bukedde radio, Bukedde Televion, that uses solely use their platform to demonize Baganda, they by design make Baganda the face of crime, brutality, there’s a real reason why Baganda are made the face of these negative traits like pedophilia, rape, domestic violence, mob-justice and many more. They purposely portray us as savages. Once they make us the face of all these negative and deadly behaviors, we won’t have any empathy when our brothers and sisters are unjustly imprisoned or openly killed by mob-justice or even occupational government agents. They have aimlessly killed our masculinity and manhood. They have destroyed our family values using Bukedde TV and Radio stations.

They have destroyed the relationship between man and woman and now, they are targeting our children. Our relatives now see us as demons and they are convinced that they don’t need us any more, that’s why they are rushing to marry outside Buganda identity. Today, many Baganda believe that the only way to keep a job, have a justice in courts of law or being able to keep your small business flourishing, you must marry a non-Muganda and many of us don’t really know how to articulate what’s happenings and what’s ahead of us.

The have created chiefdoms within Buganda and destroyed our treasured monarchy leadership. They have promoted disunity within us. The harmony we had before we invited them is no more. They have torn apart our counties and districts into pieces of administration which is not sustainable. They even change our geographical names into what they want.

They hate everything that defines as Baganda including traditions, language and culture.  You heard them say “a good Muganda is a dead one” and to date, this is not a hate crime yet they use it in public spheres without any repercussions. They have willingly destroyed our major wetlands, forests and Lakes. Our ecosystem is dead forever. Without this, life will not be able to hold .What more do we have to tell you?

These are just few of the endless well planned atrocities committed against us without mentioning many Baganda rotating in prisons or those who never get any fair trial. Today, there’s no single Muganda attorney that can win any legal battle without paying bribes in courts of law, no matter how vibrant that attorney is. Following Kayunga riots, many Baganda were imprisoned for almost three years in communicado. What else do you want to know? The time for independence.

Savages have guns and energy to steal from Baganda and ring-fence the economy and political powers. They steal all the taxes collected in Buganda and we benefit nothing.Dregs of society have no leadership skills. The only skills they have are to oppress and murder those they disagree with. The whole British Project Uganda is now a shithole project. It has no hope, no future. It’s going to continue being a cesspool of corruption, death, agony, sorrow, source of slaves for Middle East disguising as foreign labor agents. They have allowed Indians and Chinese to plant betting houses almost on every single building, extracting even the small money we have. They continue to allow dead tobacco products like kuber,RMD,shisha and so many more. It’s the lives of our younger Baganda that’s going to wasted. Even though all Nations banned these deadly tobacco products, they continue flooding Buganda territories because it’s a design they have.

We cannot continue folding our arms and be silent. Shithole Uganda is lifeless and no home for Baganda and our friends. We are better without dregs of societies. We are better without criminals. The good thing is, they have oil in other regions, and therefore, they can survive without Buganda.  Our treasured future is green under self-rule. It’s time. Become a contributor or volunteer.