The New Independent Buganda Kingdom

By in The Scramble for Buganda Kingdom
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The New Independent Buganda Kingdom will continue to be the only home for the Baganda people and their authentic friends who freely choose to migrate and settle in the land of peace and enchantments. The new comers will voluntarily embrace our Buganda cultural norms, traditional beliefs, food, Luganda language and society set up. They will freely encompass and assimilate amongst us. They will willingly choose to understand us, live by our ethics and not try to enforce their foreign ideas and traditions to us–since we are their hosts. They will swear to defend sovereignty and supremacy of the Buganda Kingdom and its citizens.

In many ways, Buganda Kingdom is a geographically, culturally, economically and environmentally distinct from surrounding regions and has unique flora and fauna, topography, and geology. These natural features create the mighty Buganda Kingdom and our fertile soils. The New Independent Buganda Kingdom possess unique overall pattern of natural characteristics that are found in a specific place within the East African region. The main features are generally obvious throughout our geographic terrains.

The New Independent Buganda Kingdom will fiercely promote the restoration of Buganda’s ecology .We will elevate environmental practitioners readily grasping the importance of an appreciative local culture for our efforts to revive native plants ,protect our wetlands, lakes, rivers, swamps and animals. We will advocate for urban ecological practices that employ techniques and favorable skills that are appropriate to our particular locales and insist on maintaining soils, water sources, wetland, and native species. Become our emissary where you are.