The Birth of Buganda Exit

By in The sovereignty of Buganda
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Since 1962, there have been various attempts to form solid organized forces aimed at pushing for the Buganda Independence and self-rule. Plentiful individuals emanated together and formed groups and chapters. They named them different names but with a silent agenda of Buganda’s Independence. All this effort ended without victory due to external factors and internal obstacles. Two years ago, in 2016, following the British Brexit 2016, referendum from European Union, it was clear that we needed the same exact package, hence the phrase BUGEXIT

Buganda Exit (abbreviated as BUGEXIT ) was born. Formed by resilient men and women who discovered their humanness and decided to say “enough is enough” for British oppression against Baganda—oppression implemented by the occupational powers best known as Project Uganda and their CEOs.

The idea however is far from new. Within the BUGEXIT loyalists, the idea of forming a vibrant Buganda independent ascension group had been kicked around over the years.  Groups like OBBI —Bazukulu Ba Buganda International were formed and still doing their best to promote the self- determination of Buganda Kingdom and its citizens. Join the Baganda invisible and formidable influential think tank for our independence. In you are interested in this exclusive club, send us an email.