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The time to escape British Project Uganda's redundancy economy is here.

Join the 21 century Buganda Independence trekkers.

The end of Buganda Kingdom occupation has come.

It's time.


In the New Independent Buganda

poverty, violence and oppression will be tales and myths of the past.




Our path to freedom.

Buganda- Exit is a social community, with a vision for the Buganda Kingdom self-determination. We must rise up to the duty of securing Buganda’s future in the 21 century. Join the 21 Century trekkers for Buganda’s Independence. We are at a point of no return to oppression. End the occupation of Buganda now!. It’s time.

In our New Buganda,every human being will be equal under the law. Their liberties, ideas and goods will be protected.

Individual skills will move on global scale and open markets as easily as endeavor to dream.

In our new independent Buganda, Judicial systems and law enforcement will be corruption free and impartial. Jobs will be given on merit not nepotism or sectarianism.

The economy will be open for all Buganda Kingdom citizens not ringfenced to those in government nor it’s public officials, their friends or family members. The press will be unrestricted public eye. It will be another hidden arm of governance. This is is possible. let’s believe it and work towards it.

The Price of being a Muganda.

The price price of being a Muganda in British Project Uganda. The price we pay for being Baganda cannot be ignored anymore.

The New Independent Buganda Kingdom
The New Independent Buganda Kingdom

The New Independent Buganda Kingdom will continue to be the only home for the Baganda people and their…

Why Buganda Independence Now?
Why Buganda Independence Now?

For 219 years (1800-2019), Buganda Kingdom welcomed dregs of the society into its territories. These dregs of societies…

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